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R & D strength and ability

    Research and development department (R&D Dept.) founded in October 11, 2011, its predecessor called technology guarantee department . We depend on Sichuan Kelun Pharmaceutical Research Co., Ltd. With four years development, the team now has 58 highly skilled people, among them there are 6 technical leaders, 41 sole duty researchers and 7 managers. 36 peoples with senior and middle professional titles (62%), 49 peoples with bachelor degree or above (85%), 4 doctors and 10 masters. Approved by the Sichuan Province Development and Reform Commission. The “Sichuan intermediate Synthetic Engineering Laboratory of antibiotics” was founded in september,2014.

      R&D Dept. take on the seamless connection of the whole antibiotic products industry chain and innovation industry included in Kelun group ”three engines”. R&D Dept. has set up extensive, in-depth and long-term partnerships with more than 10 universities ,research institutes, and company, including Sichuan Industrial Institute of Antibiotic, Sichuan University, China Pharmaceutical University, Shenyang Pharmaceutical University, etc, and makes full use of knowledge alliances to promote R & D strength of Kelun Pharmaceutical. The institute actively carries out various cooperations by the transfer of technological achievements, cooperative project development and co construction research institute.




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